Do I need to take an appointment for COUNSELING ?

Yes, it’s better to make an appointment to take counseling .It will save both yours & counselor’s  time.

How long does a session takes?

Sessions are 40-50 minutes duration for individuals & 70-80 minutes duration for a couple/ a      family.

How often should I get counseling?

We prefer weekly sessions to get better outcome.

How long does counseling takes? 

It depends on an individual & his needs, along with this his efforts & involvement throughout the session decides the number of sessions.

Do you keep my counseling confidential ?

Of course, it’s our ethics to maintain the confidentiality.

How do I know when my child should have counseling?

Anytime when a child finds difficulty to resolve his/her own problem alone or with your support system would be a good time to see a counselor. If the problems are interfering with the studies/ routine activities that would be a better time to see a counselor. It is the best to seek out help as soon as possible before the situation becomes out of control.

What can I do if my child has Bedwetting/Enuresis problem??

Here both parents & child need counseling. Counselor suggests you some steps to over come Bedwetting. Professional counseling is very important when psychological problem exists that affect the day to day life of a child. Bedwetting can be very closely tied to underlying psychological issues, for this reason counseling can be very rewarding.