About Us

Dr.Nayana Kiran
is a certified & qualified Family & Children counselor & Psychotherapist. She holds a post-graduation in Psychotherapy & counseling in 2005 & holds a MPhil (Learning Disabilities in Children) from Mysore University.

While working with a Senior Pediatrician, she encountered so many cases with learning disabilities in children, that she decided to do a MPhil.

She started Ashwini Psychotherapy & Counseling Center in 2006 &  she reqularly attends various national & international conferences. She also works in DIST. FAMILY COURT as a Family counselor. She is a member of Family Planning Association India and regularly conducts social awareness programs with FPAI.

Currently she provides Psychotherapy & Counseling to children, adolescents, parents, individuals, couples, families & groups.

Counseling & psychotherapy for Children includes mental problems, absenteeism, bullying, learning disabilities, attention deficit, hyperactive disorder, etc. For Adolescents, problems like fear, anxiety, stress, lack of confidence, low self esteem, alcohol & substance abuse, sexual problems etc. are routinely encountered.

She also provides Pre-marital & Marital counseling, conduct psychotherapy & counseling in family conflicts, relationship issues etc. She also deals with divorce cases, geriatric/old age issues, educational & carrier counseling.

According to her everyone can have one or several problems, but when they can’t resolve it on their own, they need expert support. Experts will help them feel better, improve their relationship, get rid of their sorrow & fear, resolve conflicts , achieve their goals & get confidence in themselves.

Dr. Nayana is an expert in helping patients with the above problems by using therapies like Cognitive Behavior therapy, Behavioral therapy, Interpersonal therapy, Gestalt therapy, Psychodynamic therapy etc., depending upon individual needs.